The Paris Disco List by Volterre


We hear Paris was a pretty neat place to be throughout many eras in the past (Moulin Rouge days!) - but the one we know, miss, and would gladly teleport back to was just a handful of years ago, in the early 2010's - when we first arrived in Paris, and when the era of French House and Disco was still thriving. Of course, French House began long before that - just read the brief history taken straight from Wikipeda:

"Towards the end of the 1990s and into the 2000s, producers such as Daft PunkStardustCassiusSt. Germain and DJ Falcon began producing a new sound out of Paris's house scene. Together, they laid the groundwork for what would be known as the French house movement. By combining the harder-edged-yet-soulful philosophy of Chicago house with the melodies of obscure funk, state-of-the-art production techniques and the sound of analog synthesizers, they began to create the standards that would shape all house music."

Despite the major acts coming to prominence a bit earlier, some music aficionados (and dedicated cross-generational club scenesters?) claim that 2010-2012 was when this great era reached its peak in Paris's nightlife scene. French Record labels like Ed Banger commanded international renown and the club scene had developed, with more and more dance venues sprouting throughout all corners of the city. At the same time, other more internationally popular (and some might say formulaic or "ravey") dance-tronic hadn't yet infiltrated the scene, keeping the light, bouncy disco beats at their purest form.

We'll never know if this is true, but there's always something special about that very first visit - and what better way to take a trip down memory lane than with a playlist full of songs from the good ol' French House days (or simply influencer by them)? Now can at least pretend we're dancing til 6 am at le Social Club long past the club's permanent closure. #neverforget. 


Speaking of Paris...