10 Bomb Sweets & Snack Joints in NYC


We've got you covered for places to grab a delicious midday bite in NY. Any other recommendations? Share them with us: #volterrevoyages. All addresses of the places below can be found on our map at the end.

1. Patisserie Burrow

Owned by pastry chef Ayako Kurokawa, who should really just be called a fine artist, the offerings at Patisserie Burrow are like nothing you've ever seen. Every cookie, macaron, and tower of icing has detail that gives you pangs of guilt for biting into, because you can't help but think it took hours to create. But not too much guilt, because hey, it will obviously live on in the countless photos you took of it. 

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2. Cha Cha Matcha

It's about time someone gave matcha the appreciation it deserves with a whole establishment dedicated to it. Enjoy your favorite green goodness (or learn to convert) with matcha lattes (hot and cold), fro-yo, matcha-cream-filled donuts, matcha macaroons, parfaits, and more. And of course, cute pink and green interiors can be found here. And to top it all off, green and pink tropical theme makes for a nice break from the urban jungle outside.

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3. The Chobani Store

Like fro-yo, but no-fro. Located in the heart of Soho, this "yogurt café" is the perfect healthy snack after a long day of downtown strolling. You order from concoctions pre-created by the ~yogurt masters~ (it actually says that on the white head scarves they wear), with toppings like fresh fruit, PB & J, toasted coconut, and more. If yogurt's not for you, there is also a rapidly expanding menu with classic café faves. 

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4. The Doughnut Project

Simply crazy doughnuts. The west-village gem thoughtfully embodies the flavors of well-known restaurants around the city in it's Restaurant Project series, as well as some iconic cultural favorites from around the world in their treats. In other words, they doughnut-ize savory dishes with ingredients like fresh bacon, sesame and beets and somehow make them look amazingly sweet and mouthwatering. Oh, and in April, they launched a Mixology project with your favorite cocktail turned into doughnut form.

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Among other crowd favorites is the "Everything Doughnut" - the perfect hybrid between a New Yorker's favorite breakfast (an everything bagel, duh), and of course a doughnut. Oh and they also currently have a grilled cheese doughnut. Yup.

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Seriously, what!?

5. Rice to Riches

The mecca for rice-pudding lovers who want 13+ flavors of the stuff - whoever you are. Enjoy the cheeky shop and the novelty of this uncommon dessert. 

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6. Levain Bakery

Levain cookies are the stuff of legends. Period. In fact, some people say they're the best cookies in the world.

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7. Amorino

Ok, fine: New York can't really take credit for this one. Regardless, if you've never been to the slightly more authentic Parisian branch (or even if you have been, we're so not judging), Amorino is definitely worth the trip. Not only is the gelato excellent, but the cones come out perfectly crafted into roses almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. 

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8. Molly's Cupcakes

Next time you're in New York, skip the Baked by Melissa and Sprinkles. Instead, venture to Molly's Cupcakes to indulge in your childhood dreams: eat the cake batter! That's right, the Birthday Cake cupcake has a gooey batter center for you to enjoy (almost) guilt free. Has anyone ever really gotten salmonella from eating raw batter or was this a myth invented by moms everywhere? 

9. Steve's Authentic Key Lime PIes.

Regardless of your dessert-orientation, be it chocolate, vanilla, or an avid fan of tart, these key lime pies will win you over. Especially when they're in lollipop form.

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10. Ample Hills Creamery

Cookie Dough cones. Pretzel cones. ICE CREAM FLIGHTS! Need we say more? Also, @infatuation_nyc says the ice cream is "so fresh there must be a cow in the back."