We're even more obsessed with BOSCO after watching her Jezebel Interview


Just after we interviewed BOSCO on her favorite spots in her hometown, Savannah Georgia, she was spotted speaking with Jezebel in her gold Uluwatus, and we couldn't be more excited. 

If you don't know BOSCO, Jezebel describes her as "the kind of young creative so many aspire to become. As a musician, the Atlanta-based singer and songwriter has released her songs without fear of experimentation, most notably on her 2015 EP Boy and Girls in the Yard, her 2016 collaboration with ATL DJ Speakerfoxxx, both excellent. (You might also have heard her voice on Sunday night’s InsecureSeason 2 premiere.)"

Not only does she look fab, but she's refreshingly down-to-earth and humble: "I believe the key to abundance is giving. I believe that as long as I give, good things will come back to me. [The music industry] is a very selfish industry ... but, I surround myself with people who are grounded, to always come and bring me back to center."

Check out the full post here and her music below: