In 1749, Renaissance writer Voltaire brought attention to Paris' imminent problem - despite its magnificent monuments, its poor infrastructure would not sustain the city's beauty for long. The city needed a holistic redesign. 

Centuries later, Sarah Dauterman exited Paris' Voltaire metro stop to discover a city whose history, energy, and beauty would captivate her and inspire an eight-month journey around the world. She happened to arrive with a need to replace a missing pair of beloved vintage sunglasses - regrettably lost just after being repaired - but left with a vision for eyewear that aligned with Voltaire's mandate. 

Inspired by the global journey and the significance behind its commencing "Voltaire" gateway,  Sarah created Volterre with a mission to convert fashion eyewear from impermanent investments to travel-friendly, collectible keepsakes. Volterre - the combination of the French words ‘vol,’ meaning flight, and ‘terre,’ meaning earth - encapsulates vintage silhouettes in modern, durable frames that fit easily in your pocket. By combining elevated style with down-to-earth functionality, Volterre is ready for all of life’s adventures - wherever they may lead.