Our Backpacker BFF's Guide to Balinese Waterfalls


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Michelle Case, seasoned backpacker (18 months and counting) gives us the low-down on the best remote waterfalls in Bali.

There are many famous waterfalls in Bali (Ahem, I'm looking at you Tegenungan Falls) with their paths well worn by tourists. The below are either lesser-known or hard to reach ensuring you won't have to share these sacred spots with hundreds of others. 

1. Nung Nung

I found this towering and powerful waterfall to be downright spiritual. I like to slowly back as close as I can to the falls, soaking up their vibrations.

2. Aling Aling

The perfect spot for adventure seekers - you can slide down one waterfall and jump off another one. As the sign says, "never try, never know," so JUMP!

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3. Kanto Lampo

Sit under this waterfall and let it massage your back. This is roughly 45 minutes from Ubud, but much less trafficked.