While NYC's restaurants are constantly changing and outdoing each other, we feel confident these 10 cafes will remain both stylish and delicious places to munch and hang for a while. With casual menus that impress from dusk 'til dawn and bright, comfy interiors, we'd recommend these to any NYC-goer. Did we miss a spot? Comment below. 

1. Happy Bones

A coffee at Happy Bones is the best way to start your day in NYC. Not only does this cafe capture the best of New York's energy and creativity in its chic interior style, but they also make a mean latte. Our favorite part? They bring you the most interesting publications from across the world. 

2. Lalito

Lalito's reknown chef describes his restaurant as "hippie chicano," giving us the perfect mix of the unconventional, exciting dishes and trendy Whole Foods-esque additions: brown mole drizzles over the Brown Goddess Salad, granola is served with roasted yam and pumpkin seeds, while Doner Kebabs somehow become Mexican with pineapple and goat cheese. We're definitely curious to taste the entire menu (and meet their graphic + interior designer, wow).

3. El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

Where Mexico, The Middle East, and SoCal meet. If you're strolling around the Lower East Side, definitely pop into this hole-in-the-wall for an authentic vibe and amazing food. El Rey has an ever-changing menu always filled with interesting options (including some vegan). Try the "this is not a falafel" for a delicious falafel sans falafel.

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4. De Maria 

Located at the edge of Nolita, De Maria is a breakfast-lunch-and-dinner cafe with hip, fresh offerings and a colorful, sunny atmosphere. The menu is creative, and diverse, and healthy, with dishes like the Fire Dragon Bowl (turmeric-poached egg, heirloom beans, grains, avocado, and tarragon tahini) or Masa-Chickpea Fritters with ginger-garlic mojo and add-ons like rose-soaked apricots, tumeric tonic, and carob steamers served in beautiful hand-painted ceramic dish ware. Perfect for the hipster who wants something different without falling too hard into the stereotype. 

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5. Bluestone Lane

An easy staple, you'll have to swallow your "I'm not basic enough for this" New York pride and get the avocado toast. Served on thick and fresh bread and topped with feta and cherry tomatoes, it's the perfect treat. They also have a toast with ricotta and figs... nom. But if you've had too much toast in your lifetime, the menu has many other delicious, Australian inspired options to snack on. 

6. Dudley's

Another Australian cafe, this one features a quaint, rustic atmosphere and menu that New Yorkers rave over for boozy breakfast lunch and dinner - it has "the best guac ever," "expertly seasoned porchetta," a crowd-favorited Bronte Burger, and a diverse cocktail menu. The truffle fries are a must. 

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7. Two Hands

Continuing the Australian-inspired theme, Two Hands emphasizes being a community-oriented space where guests can relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, claiming that its menu, coastal-inspired interiors, and hospitality will teleport New Yorkers to a sunnier, beachier place. The menu is tailored specifically to compliment the coffee and is heavy on comfort ingredients like avocado, eggs, mozzarella, house-made granola and freshly baked bread. I feel warm and fuzzy inside just writing this.

8. Jack's Wife Freda

 As much as we like to avoid the overdone, we can really appreciate a place that manages to make dishes like Peri-Peri sweetbreads, whole fish, green shashuska and beet dip appeal to the masses - props. If you're coming for a Sunday brunch, chances are you'll have to wait in line with people coming for the Instagram, but there's plenty to do to pass the time around the SoHo and West Village locations. In true New York style, come prepared to rub shoulders with strangers as you enjoy your Mediterranean in this semi-tiqht but vibrant kitchen. Get the green shakshuka and rosewater waffles.

9. Dimes

This is the perfect spot for the health conscious Californian - except it's NY so definitely not vegan. The surprisingly (relatively) affordable spot boasts a wide variety of yummy egg dishes, grain and açai bowls, large salads, and other interesting choices like matcha pancakes (featured below). You'll know you're there when you see a crowd of wide-eyed hipster Manhattanites hovering around a literal hole in the wall in Chinatown. P.S. No reservations! 

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10. Cafe Henrie

Picture effortlessly perfect interiors with repurposed school desks, neon signage, hand-crafted ceramics and a trademark sage and pink color scheme. Now add a friendly staff, matcha-infused baked goods, a satisfying mix of light, healthy dishes (their chia-seed filled acai bowl) and more filling meals (the Dragon Bowl with lamb meatballs or the Pecan Waffles) that constantly alternate through the menu during the week. Mix this with a giant iPhone-camera-wielding fan base you've got one of the most addictive, adorable, and avidly appreciated restaurants in the City. (They also serve trendy merchandise, collab with awesome brands for events, and transform into an intimate dinner-date spot that serves unexpectedly exotic dishes like charred octopus... +50 cool points to Cafe Henrie!)