Step into Wonderland at these 3 NY Exhibitions


Whether you're an art aficionado or not, it's undeniable that experiential art is enjoyable for everyone. Recall how long it took to get your 30 seconds in Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room, a $40 ticket to James Turrell's Breathing Light, or on the waitlist to the Rain Room at LACMA? Well, we found 3 lesser-known experiential exhibitions that are showing (or showed) in NY this Spring that look just as fun, and only slightly less hard to see. 

1. Toilet Paper Paradise at the Cadillac Room (Showing until April 12)

By Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari as part of Visionaire's partnership with the Cadillac House, Toilet Paper Paradies reimagines domestic scenery in psychedelic vignettes that "subvert possibilities and combinations." Viewers are invited to 'play house' by sitting, exploring, and reimagining their realities in this wacky wonderland. 

330 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013. more info here.

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2. 29 Rooms (occurs during Fashion Week)

29 Rooms is a self-declared "interactive funhouse of style, culture and technology!" that's put on by Refinery 29 in partnership with a ton of other artists, like Tinashe, Michael Kors, and Lady Gaga's foundation. Just like the name implies, it consists of 29 immersive playrooms in a giant space in Bushwick that stimulate your eyeballs and ignite the senses. Example - one room encourages viewers to soak in aphrodesiac aromas from a room plastered in scratch-and-sniff wall paper, and one room was painted in day-glo paint and had a "ball pit" of neon feathers for attendees to play in while listening to rave music). 

read more here.

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3. Dia:Beacon's long-term exhibitions

Filling the expansive spaces at Dia:Beacon are impactful installations by Dan Flavin, Richard Serra and Michael Heizer. The open space draws viewers into dramatic landscape-sized pieces, allowing guests to become figurines in the surrounding scenery. The artists' pieces are available to view anytime as part of the museum's long-term collection. The only catch? The sister to Dia:Chelsea is 2 hours outside of NYC and there's no public transportation that can get you there. 

3 Beekman Street Beacon, New York 12508. Tickets: $15, more info here.

Courtesy of Dia Art.

Courtesy of Dia Art.

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