Cooler than Clubmasters: Why Abe Hutcheon Loves Volterre


"I prefer to find a style and brand that is as unique as I aspire to be."

Fashion Week enthusiast & Volterre fan Abe Hutcheon fills us in on how his gold Uluwatus up his style game from the pool to the front row.


What do you consider your style to be? 

My personal style usually borders streetwear and business casual, as I'm often between meetings with executives but also integrated in my creative community. I enjoy accessories that can be worn with a variety of outfits - that can be dressed up or down, but always make a statement. I definitely found this in my Volterre shades. The brushed gold color of the rims is timeless and modern, and the weight is unprecedented.

What's different about Volterre sunglasses?

They're the most comfortable sunglasses I've worn in years due to their lightweight frame. The flexible construction bends easily to the shape of my head, which makes them as comfortable as possible.


Where have you traveled with your Volterre shades?

I've worn them sitting at my condo pool, on my bike rides to work, to New York Men's Spring Summer fashion week 2017, and to Miami Swim Week 2017. My Volterre's go everywhere with me, and I love that their case comes with a key ring for easy transportation.


What is your favorite part about your Volterre glasses?

I've gotten lots of compliments on them, but my favorite compliment of all is when people ask me where I got them. I love hearing this because it means the things I buy are above trend, hard to find, and desirable. I'm not a fan of the big brand sunglasses that all of my friends have. I prefer to find a style and brand that is as unique as I aspire to be.


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