The Best Cappuccino You'll Ever Have + More Dainty Coffee In Paris


Can you remember the best cappuccino you've ever had in your life? It might be hard, unless you've hit #4 on our list of dainty coffee shops in Paris. While no one would struggle to find a nice cup a joe in the City of Light, these four places are worth spending a little extra time in thanks to their ambiance, menu, and *Instagram worthy* cups.   


1. Coutume Café (7th arrondissement)

When roaming the left bank, visit Coutume for a delicious coffee - hot or iced - and sweet dessert. Unlike some of the more rigid menus at traditional French cafes, a number of coffee variants as well as unique desserts like gluten-free orange almond cake can be found inside Coutume's bright, crisp interior.

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2. La Caféothèque (3rd arrondissement)

This multi-room café has a rustic vibe with its creaky wood flooring and tables made photo-worth with their chipped blue-and-green paint. Thanks to it's adjacency to the Seine, sunrays brighten the plant-filled rooms and make for a nice view as custodians leisurely enjoy their coffee for hours on end.

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3. Le Voltiguer (3rd arrondissement)

A perfect place to break from a stroll through Le Marais, Le Voltigeur specializes in amazing quiche + salad plates, desserts, and café served with cheeky messages in chocolate syrup in lieu of foam art. Waiters here seem to be looking for amour—we received a phone number, “you’re pretty,” and a date invitation written in the cappucinos they served us.

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4. Café Lomi (18th arrondissement)

Behold, the richest, smoothest, velvetiest, richest (did we mention it's rich?) cappuccino in Paris. Extra points for the dainty china the coffee was served in, nice ambiance and friendly staff, but the serving aesthetics in no way helped it earn its title as Best Cappuccino Ever - that judgement was based on taste alone. Though somewhat out of the way, the journey to Café Lomi is well worth the trek opened our eyes to a new area of Paris worth exploring.

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