Architectural Wonders of LA: Hollyhock House


WTF is a hollyhock?

Aside from being the inspiration for this crib by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright, it's also the favorite flower of Aline Barnsdall, the eccentric oil heiress he built it for. The house-upon-a-hill, which sits at the top of Barnsdall Art Park, is speckled with symbolic Hollyhock motifs on the exterior walls and interior finishings. The house even has moats in the ground that take water from the floors on the inside to the outdoor courtyard. Unfortunately, the house was still not fit for Aline and, after years and years and millions of dollars spent on its construction, she didn't even live in it. SMH. On the bright side, the gets a lot of slipper-wearing foot traffic (to protect the custom carpets) and appreciation from Frank Lloyd Wright and wine fans alike today. Wine, you say? Yep - in the summertime, the Hollyhock house is on tour to those who buy tickets to the biweekly wine tastings at the top of the hill of the park.

Bring a picnic basket, your favorite pair of shades, and enjoy the sunset and original architecture.