From lounging by the pool to exploring the open seas on a jet ski, Volterre sunglasses are made to stick with you no matter the intensity.





Our trendy frames are made of stainless steel, which bend rather than break, even if you sit on them. 


No Fear

With Nylon lenses, our sunnies make scratches a throwback. These bad boys are more durable than other lenses on the market and are 100% UV protective. Take the world head on knowing you won't scratch your favorite accessory. 



Our glasses weigh in at  15 to 17 grams, half the weight of a pair of Ray-Bans. The easiest way to loose weight this summer is to swap your old shades for a pair of Volterre's.




Equally iconic to the sunglasses which live inside, the Volterre case is the simple solution for anyone on the go. Sleek enough to fit into any pocket (or VIP lounge) this case wont kill the vibe.

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Never Lost

These glasses are tough to leave behind. With the convenient keyring, you can attach to just about anything. A hammock, your boat keys, concert pass lanyard, maybe even your dogs leash. We promise, these sunnies won't leave you hanging.



Many eyewear brands “design” by stamping their logos on pre-manufactured shapes. Not here - every style was conceived from an original Volterre sketch and developed through many iterations, taking 12 months of careful development to ensure they look and feel juuust right.



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We donate 5% of proceeds to FLYTE, helping students grow, learn, and become inspired through travel.

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